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15 Year House Payment Chart

This chart has been recently upgraded because interest rates have continued to fall. The chart peviouslywas built with interestr rates from 4% to 9.5%. Now, since it is possib le to find mortgages with interest rates below 4% we have modified this chart to build a table of interest rates that vay from 3% to 8.5%.

So, in essence, the chart calculates payments due for all interest rates from 3% to 8.5% on a mortgage with the term of 15 years and includes varying principal amounts, or loan amounts from $50,000 up to $750,000.


Building the chart is simple. Just click the button above that says click to build house payment chart. Not only can you examine this chart online, but it is made to be printed out on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. In other words, simply print out the page and you will have a hard copy of the chart.


You can then, if you would like, click on the link above for another term of mortgage to build that corresponding chart. In other words, you can click on 30 years to build a mortgage payment chart for 30 year mortgages of $50,000-$750,000 for interest rates of 3% to 8.5%.


Of course, you can also print out this chart or just study it online. Build charts for all mortgage terms if you would like. This website builds charts for mortgages of 15 years, 20 years, 30 years and 40 years.

Chart For 15 Year Mortgage

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