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Amortiation Calc

Amortization Calc has been called the best amortization table builder on the internet, bar none! I believe this is an accurate assessment. This amortization calculator is the best for two reasons:

First, it has been built by real estate investors so, all the information that is important to investing your hard earned money is taken into consideration.

No Strings Attached

Secondly, there are no catches on this site. Yes, there are fine companies who advertise on Amortization Calc. However, they are not us and though we know they are honest and reliable companies, we do not in any way try to trick you into signing up with them. In other words, you will get no phone calls from Amortization Calc. This website is for your convenience and you can use it as much as you want with no strings attached.

Everything Calculated

The amortization schedules that are built at amortization Calc calculate the monthly payment that will be needed to be paid on a loan, the amount of money that will be paid on a mortgage over the entire term of the mortgage and what percentage of that amount is paid for interest.

Also, it calculates the part of your monthly payment that is principal and the part that is paid to interest each month. It also keeps a running total of how much principal is paid at any point during the mortgage and how much interest is paid cumulatively at a point during the mortgage.

Input Principal, Interest and Length of Loan

You are required to input the amount of money borrowed, also known as the principal, the interest rate of the mortgage or loan and the length of the mortgage or loan. The length of the loan can be entered in either years or months. Just remember to check the corresponding box below the 'length of mortgage' box. This way, you will be able to build amortization tables for common length mortgages, like 15 year and 30 year mortgages, but you'll also be able to calculate for any length mortgage or loan that is conceivable.

Being able to do this, allows you to check your monthly mortgage statement and enter in the calculator, the amount of months left on the loan or mortgage and how much is left to pay. After you enter the interest rate, and click the 'click to build the amortization table,' the amortization table will be built. The point is, you can build an amortization table starting at any point within the loan or any length of an entire loan.

Non Standard Amortization Tables

This is important if you get an unusual length loan for instance, a 40, 42, 50 or 52 month car loan. However, it will calculate for any length loan.

So, enjoy amortization Calc. Once again, it is free and you can use it as much you want. Lastly, the amortization tables Amortization Calc builds can be printed out. Just remember, printing out an entire 40 year mortgage will require several pieces of paper.


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