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The video below will explain how to build your house payment chart. This chart will show you a wide range of monthly payment amounts for any of a wide range of borrowed amounts at any of several different interest rates.


In other words, you can to see how much a property will cost you monthly at the amount being asked for the property and other amounts which you may offer the seller. Also, since interest rates are always changing, you could see how much you would be paying monthly for any property if interest rates were to fall or to rise.


The amounts of borrowed principal are on the left hand column of the chart. Though all these borrowed amounts are in increments of $25,000, you can certainly good a good idea what a payment will be at any amount borrowed.


In other words, if you were borrowing $210,000; you will see this amount is not on the chart. However, you will see there is an entry for $200,000 and an entry for $225,000. You can safely gas the monthly payment for $210,000 will be somewhere in between the borrowed amount for $225,000 and the borrowed amount for $200,000. Also, you will know the payment will be a little bit closer to the borrowed amount of $200,000.


Also, the interest rates vary by .5%. So, if your interest rate was 4.125%, you would have to make a judgment that your monthly payment would fall somewhere between the 4% column and the 4.5% column.



The bottom line is; the chart is not perfect. However, seeing as it is made to be printed out on an 8 x 11.5" sheet of paper, it makes a great reference chart giving you an excellent idea of how much a monthly payment would be for any reasonably priced home you may be looking to purchase at any interest rate at the current time.


Note: the chart is changed as interest rates go up and I'll. In other words, if interest rates were to skyrocket past 8% per month, the chart would adjust accordingly. In fact, the role of interest rates has been adjusted over recent past months. At one time, the lowest interest rate on the chart was 4%. So, you can see, keeps on top of changes that are being made in the market.

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